Today is the first day of Ocean Week 2021, which is an annual conference hosted by one of NTNU's four strategic research areas, NTNU Oceans. The conference serves as a contribution to Norway's role as a maritime nation, and every year they invite researchers, policy makers, innovators and citizens to get engaged in the topic of oceans. This year, the main question setting the scope for the conference is:

"How can NTNU, Trondheim, and Norway contribute to achieving the UN goals for sustainable oceans?"

The conference is also digital this year, so in addition to the sessions with speakers and panelists, NTNU Oceans have created an online Research Gallery with short videos from Post-Doc, PhD and master students working with ocean related research at NTNU. A brief introduction to ATLANTIS' ongoing work with macroplastic entanglement given by Marthe is also featured in this gallery under "Oceans & Plastics".

To check out the research gallery and take part in sessions of the three-day conference, sign up here.