Group retreat and midterm evaluations of two ATLANTIS PhDs

Group retreat and midterm evaluations of two ATLANTIS PhDs
Philips midterm presentation. Photo credit: Meng Jiang

From 12-14 April 2023 the entire Industrial Ecology Programme went on a group retreat to Oppdal, approximately two hours away from Trondheim.

Apart from team building and social activities, the aim was to hold the midterm evaluations of 8 PhD students of the Industrial Ecology Programme, among them Fei Song and Philip Gjedde from the ATLANTIS project.

Every PhD student at the IV faculty of NTNU has to deliver a progress report, give a scientific presentation and have a discussion wit a review committee when they are approximately half-way through their PhD.

Both Fei and Philip gave excellent and inspiring presentations, explaining their progress. They were able to present complex topics, such as ecosystem services and the use of ballast water in a didactically valuable manner, so that also non-experts could follow and enjoy the learning experience. The following discussion showed that both of them were able to reflect about the uncertainties and values of their approaches in a thoughtful manner.

Both of them have several manuscripts that are close to submission and we are excited to submit them soon for review and then hopefully are able to publish them soon on the ATLANTIS webpage!

Midterm evaluation of Fei Song. Photo credit: Meng Jiang